Tinos Surf Lessons

the island

Tinos is one of the sacred places of the Christian Orthodox world, thanks to the church of the Virgin Mary at the main town (called Tinos or Chora). Religious tourism kept party and holiday crowds away from the island for years, and it wasn't before the last decade that people started discovering and appreciating the island's unique charisma: countless traditional villages, diversity of landscape, untouched folklore, amazing beaches, unforgettable food and a proximity to both Athens and other nearby Cycladic islands. All these elements gave Tinos a reputation for being an eclectic holiday place away from tourist hords, and its great surfing potential surely gives it extra credit!

On the map above, you can get a quick idea on some main spots on the island. Kolibithra bay (actually two bays, one called "Big Kolibithra" - base of our surf club - the other "Small Kolibithra") is found on the north shore of the island. Livada bay, just a few kilometers more east, is also a surfing spot that works with a northern swell, although it can be fairly dangerous for beginners due to strong currents and a partly rocky bottom. There are other surfable spots around the island's coast that work with south swells, like Ayios Fokas or Kionia, minutes away from the port - and a number of other small bays, along the southern coast, like Ayios Romanos or Ormos Yiannaki, plus some more that noone has discovered yet!